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Music | Review: “Kindred” by Passion Pit

Passion Pit-"Kindred"

Passion Pit have returned with “Kindred”, the third album that front-man Michael Angelakos recorded in New York City. The album was also produced by longtime collaborators and co-producers Chris Zane and Alex Aldi, as well as Benny Blanco.

This time round, it is noted that the longtime group of musicians that formed the band with Angelakos have departed for other endeavors.  If anything, the new look band have increased from a five-piece to seven, that is quite a lot of rhythm and melodies on stage too.

Angelakos’ songwriting process for Passion Pit has always been a  reshape as it happens. From “Manners” to “Gossamer”, there was the smoothing of the erradic.  Now with many sounds on “Kindred”, the usual staples of Passion Pit are still there, the synthetic tones and Angelakos’ voice, manipulated by computers and effects.

“It’s all I’ve ever had” to quote track 4 ‘All I Want’.  It is what Passion Pit are known for. This album is more pop than fans would have known before, it’s also more optimistically upbeat in all attributes.  More playful in a Taylor Swift way rather than a Gameboy soundtrack, even if there are elements of that inbetween the lyrics too.

‘Lifted Up (1985)’  and ‘Where the Sky Hangs’ are refreshing when you compare to the first few tracks on “Gossamer”, an album dominated by the raw and complex issues that swirled around the life of Angelakos at the time.  These tracks are more loveable and touching, again referring back to the reshaping that goes on in each record.

‘Until We Can’t (Let’s Go)’ is bursting with pop sensibilities too.  Followed by the glum sounding, wind-down of ‘Looks Like Rain’.  A spiritual and heaven-like journey of an album, landing where the previous effort should have.  Yet, just like the other two, you can be sure to hear tracks scattered here, there, and everywhere on your screens and radios over the next while.

“Kindred” is out now on Sony Music.