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Music | Review: “Eternal Death” by Eternal Death

"Eternal Death" is 6 March 2015 via Labrador Records (SWE)

If you like Purity Ring’s style of Electro infused Pop, then Eternal Death are the Swedish electro pop that encompasses deathly hollowed style lyrics and pop melodies. Consisting of, singer-songwriter Elin Berlin  and producer / songwriter Johan Angergard.

‘Song’ is an euphoric opener, floating with Elin’s vocals sliding over the top of the waves. ‘Violence’ meanwhile, offers an R&B style beat underneath dark bass and  layered percussion.

Think of Kimbra and Robyn for vocals layered over electro beats of a spring/summer sound. ‘Fade’, ‘Machine’, and ‘Bullet’, are the picks for closing out this self-titled début.

“Eternal Death” is 6 March 2015 via Labrador Records (SWE)