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Music | Review: “Mirage” by Saycet


Parisian producer, Saycet (Pierre Lefeuvre). took four years to create “Mirage”, the third album for his project.  Pierre worked for a while on this album after extensive tours of Asia and Russia, saying; “I wanted to make a much more elegant, more frontal record, something less convoluted.”.

Opening track from “Mirage” is ‘Aryton Senna’, an instantly ode to M83 with a Saycet twist.  Title track, ‘Mirage’, features the Del Ray like vocals of Phoene Somesavath, and it a little bit more of a mix of Passion Pit and M83.

Warm textures, smooth space bass, and trance rhythms are key to the sound on this record, aided by Somesavath’s vocals on ‘Mirage’ and ‘Volcano’.

‘Météores’ offers a more sleepy and analog instrumental break to separate the melodies we hear earlier in the record. Melancholic with a tinge of pop. “It’s the melody that became a pretext for the arrangement, whereas before the opposite was true. Before, I was happy under the umbrella of the electronica movement, but now I try less to stay in the mould.” adds Pierre.

“Mirage” is out on 6 April 2015.