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Music | Review: “Bright Lights” by Enter Metropolis

Dublin bound, Enter Metropolis have toured across Germany, Spain and the USA with their first two studio albums “Turn Around” and “Ready to Rise”.

But now the band return with 2014’s “Bright Lights” Opening tracks on the album bounce between influences of 30 Seconds to Mars and You Me At Six with ‘New Flight’ and ‘Absurd Reality’.  ‘Bright Lights’ brings the two together creating a sound more suited to the band’s genre and persona. By the time ‘Fluid Courage’, the tone becomes darker.

The same can be said for ‘Tamed Lion’, as these tracks take clear vocals to protrude over the gritty synth and bass. ‘Ghost Of My Past’ offers a more melancholic approach, while ‘Smile’ gives the album it’s rockiest and hard-hitting track.

“Bright Lights” is out now and Enter Metropolis play Dublin’s Bello Bar on 28 March 2015.