Music | Listen: Thea & The Wild’s new single ‘Mourning Song’

“Mourning Song” is the latest from Thea & The Wild‘s debut album, a wonderful blend of anthemic rhythm and folk-pop tones.

Her vocals offer comparisons to La Roux in ‘Mourning Song’, which are lively despite the song’s theme about heartbreak.

“The songs I have made for this album is “pop” the way I like it; with clear choruses and lively melodies and rhythms. The lyrics may be a little dark, as I tend to write them from what struggles I have in my head. This is a record you can listen to while you dream of falling in love or reminisce about heartbreak”, says Thea.

The success of her record in Norway has led to a UK release for “Strangers And Lovers”, out now on Jansen Plateproduksjon.