Music | Review: The Minutes @ Odessa Club, Dublin 26/11/2014

Celebrating a 10 year anniversary is quite a big deal when it comes to venues, and it was no different with the month-long series of shows that Dublin’s Odessa Club produced so far.

Tonight however, The Minutes bring their wall-knocking, ceiling crashing rock n’roll to the venue for the second last night of the celebrations and what a special show it turned out to be.

Opening with a number of questions into their formation, album making and future plans from Hotpress writer, Stuart Clark, The Minutes seemed at ease with their progress.   They explained that working with Gggarth Richardson in the US was a difficult time for the band, which they admitted wasn’t what they thought it would be when recording second album, “Live Well, Change Often”.  It wasn’t that the band hated the album, but the making of it and the way it turned out didn’t quite go the way the hoped.

Following this chat, the trio did what they do best, play some gritty and passionate rock to a well-receiving audience.  Such is the ferocity of The Minutes’ sound, the passion rang through from those sitting – bravely – at the front to those at the back.

One by one, the tracks roll in, ‘Hold You Hand’, ‘Heartbreaker’, ‘Fleetwood’ and ‘Cherrybomb’.  Listening to these tracks some 12 months on from the last time I witnessed The Minutes live, its clear they’re so well polished as if straight from the album.  That of course has a lot to do with their ability to record most of their material live in studio, but also because the band are very comfortable with who they are, what songs they want to play live, and what their audience want.

Frontman Mark has a great presence live, standing on a table in the Odessa playing guitar, occasionally making the odd sweary remark to a backline member or audience heckle is about as mild-mannered as you will get in such an intimate atmosphere, he will call it as he see’s it, and there is something refreshing and genuine about that in an act today.


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