Music | Jedd Gillies releases three new tracks

A few months back I featured, Jedd Gillies, young producer from Glasgow, Scotland.  His first track ‘It’s Your Touch, it’s Your Love (feat. Elena)’ was an upbeat ‘F For You’ mixed with a bit of Krystal Klear.  showed promise and now he is back with three new tracks.

L’Orage (to Be With You)’ and ‘Avancé’ are more instrumental than his first effort, with more repetitive beast but a smooth clean-cut mix.  While L’étreinte stands out strong among all three, it’s a bit more catchy and a better to dance to.  It is also steps away from that usual Disclosure sound to become more of a house track, yet Gillies makes these tracks his own.

Have a listen to the tracks on his Soundcloud above.

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