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Music | Review: “The Trouble with Strangers” EP by Able Archer

Able Archer released their new EP “The Trouble with Strangers” last week, a promising EP of rock songs from the Dublin outfit.

First track, ‘GhostMaker’ is a strong, fast tempo track that sits somewhere between The Riptide Movement and Kid Karate in sound.  ‘The Warden’ takes a different tone, with melodic indie rock guitar and underlying pop sensibilities, It’s warm and distant in equal measure.

‘Only Love’ is what you’d imagine The Edge would sound like on a Red Hot Chilli Peppers track.  The vocals are passionate, the guitar bordering The Black Keys with a lot of reverb.

The last track on the impressive first single off from the EP, ‘The Descent’, which could very well be an Editors’ track.  It’s got the vibe of ‘Tons Of Love’ mixed with ‘Papillon’ vocals.

Good effort by the band, clean-cut and great synth-rock to drive to.