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Music | Interview: Stephen Lawrie from The Telescopes

Ahead of their show in The Workman’s Club on 13 November, I had a brief chat with Stephen Lawrie of The Telescopes.  Be warned though, there is talk of “the cosmic egg”, vague answers and entire interview based on Stephen’s satirical answers.

RM: How do The Telescopes create their experimental, psych-rock ? 

SL: it’s all about the crack in the cosmic egg.  those eureka moments.  we have no formula.  it’s never the same.”

RM: What acts influence you as a band? 

“We’re not influenced by acts.  that’s something we all share.  and Velvet Underground records. “

RM: How did the band form? and where did the clever name come from ?

“it had to be.”

RM: Your 7th release was ‘Harm’ in 2013/14.  What was it like recording in one take with some extra members?

“I think it’s a real test of the company present, to be given a few bones of instruction and trust their own interpretation.  it’s the kind of thing session musicians struggle with, i don’t think anyone who plays with me truly considers themselves to be a musician, and that’s their strength, they are tuned into what’s really important.”

RM: How was your recent tour?

“Beyond the realm…”

Q: What are the plans for your current touring schedule ? Dublin should be a really good intimate gig.

“Those are the best kind. our plan is always the same.  ‘bring it on.  what the f*ck else is there?’”

Catch Stephen and the rest of The Telescopes at The Workman’s on 13 November and enter this competition to win tickets!

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