Music | Watch: Angels & Airwaves release trailer for short film and album

Angels & Airwaves have released the trailer for new animated short film ‘Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker’, from ideas by Tom DeLonge and music by Angels & Airwaves.

The short film will be released on 9 December 2014 at the 2014 Toronto International ShortFilm Festival, taking place November 12-14, 2014. 

It tells the story of a Lucid Dreamer with the rare ability to be aware of his dreams while they’re happening.  As Poet journeys deeper into his vivid dream life, he meets his Dream Walker, a guardian angel of dreams who protects him from the torment of a vicious Night Terror monster.  But when his nightmares break through into his waking life, Poet must face his demons to fulfill his destiny.

‘Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker’ will also feature a comic book series, novels and a live-action feature film launching in 2015.