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Music | Review: Monster Monster’s ‘I Am Yours’ and ‘Assassin’

Monster Monster are an alternative-pop duo from Dublin.  The story behind the duo’s songwriting is one of contrast, as Mick Stuart writes with one set of influences, which are then sung by Riona Hartman’s opposite style of genre influenced vocals.

They have been working together between Grouse Lodge and Beechpark studios with producer James Lewis (works with Rudimental).

Monster Monster open with are ‘Assassin’, a track as dark as Massive Attack and sung like Rumer.  It’s slow, steady and composed, much like an Assassin would be.

‘I Am Yours’ is a slow starter, the opening sequence is like a Moby track, then we pick up the pace with fast percussion drums, which producer James Lewis would be used to following his work with Rudimental.  It is also nice to hear that Riona’s voice doesn’t change, it is still silky smooth on the ears and keeping with the sound that Monster Monster are creating.