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Music | Review: ‘Fredrick & The Golden Dawn’ by Kevin Nolan

Kevin Nolan‘s latest work “Fredrick & The Golden Dawn” has been heralded in positive light by music blogs and corners of national magazines since it’s release.

A multi-instrumentalist himself, Kevin usually performs all the instruments himself as well as all vocals on his songs.  But for this record, he gathered a group of musicians to help him during live shows.

‘Splinter’ and ‘Last Days Of Harry Carey’ give the impression of an unlikely, but clever mix.  Imagine George Ezra waxing lyrical on an Overhead, The Albatross track.

The tracks are delicate and psychedelic.  ‘The Guess’ is testament to the delicate nature of some tracks on the record. Lyrically, It is poetry for the dark side of the moon.

‘Fredrick & The Golden Dawn’ is out now on Bandcamp.