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Music | Interview: A chat with Hilary Woods

Hilary Woods was best known for as the bassist in JJ72, which she joined at 17.  Back then, touring of Europe, Japan and numerous dates elsewhere meant a very busy lifestyle for her and the band.  Siting in Vice over a cup of coffee, it is clear that Woods is fearless as we talk of her shows at this month’s Tiger Dublin Fringe Festival.

But since those days of rocking the bass with fellow musicians Mark Greaney and Fergal Matthews, Ms .Woods is about to take the next step in her solo career with latest EP “Night”.

“Night” isn’t her first solo release, as a previous album titled “The River Cry” made its way onto the floor talk of many record stores in 2013. “I was relieved to step into something different” says Hilary about her break between JJ72 and her solo career, “a lot was happening with the band when I left, I was about to become a mum, delved into some arts abroad with my painting in Spain, and went to College since then.”

Hilary returned to Trinity College during the 00’s. A place she had been once before with JJ72, but now it was as a student in Philosophy and Film, “I really enjoyed College, I spent a lot of time in the Film department at Trinity”.  Some of the work on her new EP has gone back to her love for film, with footage being recorded of the theme and writing process.

For this EP, she says: “It is a bigger sound, a different process from ‘The River Cry’ (album).  We went from place to place to record parts for the tracks”

The EP is set to get its first outing with three shows in Dublin’s Smock Alley Theatre, as part of the Tiger Dublin Fringe from 18/19/20 September.  Woods’ first shows in Dublin, before heading off on a small tour with two dates in London penciled in.

“I love being a part of the Dublin Fringe, Smock Alley is an intimate space so I’m really looking forward to it”.

Tickets for the Smock Alley Theatre shows are priced €13/€11 (concession) are available now from

“Night” is out on 18 September 2014.