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Theatre | A quick chat with Lords of Strut ahead of their Tiger Dublin Fringe show

Lords of Strut bring “CHAOS” to The Abbey Theatre’s Peacock Stage this September as part of Tiger Dublin Fringe Festival.  RobMoro caught up with the two messers to talk Edinburgh Fringe, Fashion, and the ‘idiot proof’ secret to life and happiness.

RM: How are Seantastic and Famous Seamus enjoying Edinburgh Fringe at the moment?

LoS: Exhausting, inspiring, brilliant and lots of fun, and did we mention exhausting!

RM: Is it your first time performing at Edinburgh?

LoS: Its our second year bringing a show for a full run but we have been here a couple of times before working the streets and cabaret circuit.

RM: You have been described as “Ireland’s most emotional dancers sharing their ‘idiot proof’ secret to life and happiness”. What is your secret?

LoS: Well we have to remember that the Lords of Strut are characters who are more like caricatures of F list celebrities who are chasing fame in what ever way they can get it but with very little social awareness. They think they are very smart and have found a message that will improve people’s lives and bring them closer to fame. It’s both true and false at the same time.

RM: So what do Seantastic and Famous Seamus do to unwind after the show?

LoS: Tell each other how terrible and wonderful they were during the show and then find the nearest dance floor!

RM: Where did you learn your circus style performance moves?

LoS: From meeting other circus performers, backstage, on the street in fields and even going to workshops but mostly just seeing stuff and trying it!

RM: You do a number of street shows as well, what is the best and worst thing about those shows?

LoS: Best thing is that you have to make a show on a street somewhere out of nothing except you and the people walking past. If you get a good one it can be the buzziest show you can do, but it can also sometimes really not work out and you end up feeling like and amateur, that’s the risk of the street.

RM: Those costumes though, who is in charge of fashion?

LoS: Sean-tastic, he buys all the costumes, and has to spend some time doing it, Seamus always thinks Sean spends too much money… but its worth it to look so fantastic!

RM: Will we see Seantastic and Famous Seamus around Dublin during the Fringe with your mobile DJ soundsystem…pushed around in a shopping trolley?

LoS: Yes you definitely will, were are going to do a Rave somewhere in the city center on 8 Monday September…details to follow.

2FM present: Lords of Strut bring CHAOS to The Abbey Theatre’s Peacock Stage from 9-13 September as part of Tiger Dublin Fringe Festival.  Tickets range from €11-€14.