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Music | Review: “Bullet for the Chakra” by The Actual Mafia

Hailing from Kildare, five piece funk rock band The Actual Mafia‘s “Bullet to the Chakra” EP is a lively funkadelic story that sounds something like Elvis Costello doing a series of Fun Lovin’ Criminals covers.

“Bullet to the Chakra” was the end product of a number of radio interviews and performances.  The EP has nine tracks, but five of them are musical representations of a wider story among the tracks of dialog.

Lively, funky, jazzy, vibes run through these songs, such as ‘Jogging Donkey’ and ‘The General’.  Things take a darker turn lyrically after ‘Streets Like Sesame’.  These tracks sound great if you imagine them live, a chance you’ll get to see when The Actual Mafia launch the EP in The Workman’s Club on 10 August.