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Music | Review: “Testing The Water” by John Illsley

Multiple Brit & Grammy award winner John Illsley has returned with a new studio album ‘Testing The Water’. Recorded and produced with Guy Fletcher at A-Bay Studios and British Grove, which has led to a tour currently penned for Autumn 2014

Layout 1‘Testing The Water’ sees the “engine room of Dire Straits” in good shape songwriting wise.   Since his last album ‘Streets Of Heaven’ was released in 2010. John said:I was missing being in the studio and playing music seriously. This record was an important one for me to make.” 

Second track off the album ‘Nothing To Do” is  full of wonderful sax melodies and solos.  For fans of Dire Straits’ music will  most certainly appreciate John’s style. “the last few years have been so turbulent politically, militarily and personally and I wanted to try and create some songs that reflected these strange times and perhaps were worthy of sharing with others.”

Other tracks like ‘Run For Cover’ have memorable lyrics in their chorus. ‘Darling Heart’ would appeal to those looking for a funky basslines going back and forth with the saxophones.  ‘This Is Your Voice’ is smooth and warming as they go on ‘Testing The Water”.