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Music | Review: ‘Never Meant’ by Sarah Something

Hailing from Drogheda, Co.Louth, Sarah Something is a singer-songwriter who released track ‘Never Meant’ back in May of this year.

The track is written about the effects of getting caught up in drugs, and the way it can harm the people around you is true to its message.  As debut singles go, you might think that from the background story of the lyrics that this is set to be a gloomy record, doesn’t exactly pan out that way melody wise.

In fact this track is sort of upbeat in its melody, despite the heartbreaking lyrics.  The underlying notes are faint but uplifting.  The best part of this track is after the chorus, where Sarah’s vocal harmony shines brightest.  It has to be said, you will probably end up humming parts of this tune it’s so catchy.

‘Never Meant’ is out on iTunes and major platforms now.