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Music | Review: “Kosher” by Ciaran Lavery

Hailing from the small Irish village of Aghagallon, Northern Irish alt-folk solo artist Ciaran Lavery is soon set to release his latest EP “Kosher”.

First up on the EP is track ‘Left For America’, providing a Noah and the Whale like rhythm mixed heartfelt lyrics.  The swirly echoes of guitar in the background set the mood for this one.

‘Sophomore Rising’ shows more of Lavery’s vocals, relaxed and folky.  ‘Boxer’ is darker and sounding something like a track from Bell X1’s debut album “Neither Am I”.  ‘A Ragtime Song’ is a mild, slow, and more timid as other songs on the short player.

Last but not least, ‘Orphan’ is a track that doesn’t sound as down as the title might suggest.  Lavery’s upbeat manner and unique hushed voice make it a stand out track on the EP.  Ben Howard would be a big fan of this last track for sure.

“Kosher” is out on 19 June 2014.