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Music | Review: The Shaker Hymn – ‘The Runaway’

The Shaker Hymn are a four-piece alt rock band from Cork, Ireland.  The band have known each other for years and started their musical journey back in 2005.

A ten track long player has been penned for release this month, with their first single ‘The Runaway’ leading the charge.  Mixed by Christian Best (O Emperor / Mick Flannery) there are noticeable trademarks from The Shaker Hymn’s sound and the other two Irish alternative acts.

First up on the single is the rolling snare drum rhythm, a train like sound thundering through the song.  The distorted bass and whaling guitar are beautifully entwined.  ‘The Runaway’ is a fantastic opening alt-rock track by the Cork band.  More of this and The Shaker Hymn will be destined for greater things.