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Music | Review: “Fear” by Silent Noise Parade

Irish Indie/Electro band Silent Noise Parade latest single “Fears” is instantly excitable on first listen.  The band cite Arcade Fire as one influence, which you could certainly place as a track that was inspired by any track off “Reflecktor”.  Maybe it is the whirly synth and gritty bass that make me think of Linkin Park’s “Burn It Down” at times during the track, but I know that it isn’t the sound or band that Silent Noise Parade had in mind when writing.  It would probably be best described as a mash-up between The Killers and MGMT.

This track is much more though, it is a mark of their own sound, an eclectic blend of melodies that form a wonderfully crafted Indie-Pop song.  Some might argue it’s also Electro-Pop/Rock, but either way it’s excellent .

The accompanying video for “Fears” features the band and vocalist Gary Sherlock going in reverse mode until he meets himself face to face, which we then see the frames return to forward motion.  There are also shots of the band and headshots of Sherlock with his eyes changing colour, possibly to represent a change of mind.

You can purchase Silent Noise Parade’s single “Fear” on iTunes and Google Play now.