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Music | Review: “Kingston” by Kingston

Released back in December 2013, Kilkenny outfit Kingston (formerly known as Coin) have laid out a five track EP, their first release as a band and under the new moniker.  Snappy drums, psychedelic vocal echoes and energetic trumpet / sax solos are the norm throughout the short player.

It should be noted that recording took place within the short space of two weeks, the EP is well put together.  No doubt the band put some pre-production into the process before recording.  Mastering and Producing duties were done by Pendle Poucher of Knitted Cat Records

There is a very evident touch of Alex Turner and Co. in the make up of this EP, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but there are strong vibes.  Fans of cowbell will be delighted to know that third track “Flash Golden Watch” contains plenty.  It seems to be a thing with Kilkenny bands to use a fairly healthy dose of cowbell in their music.  Overall the EP is a soulful ride on the melancholy route that Kingston travel.


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