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Music | Review: Little Green Cars @ Set Theatre Kilkenny 22/12/2013

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Following Le Galaxie’s appearance at the Set Theatre in Kilkenny the previous night, it was now the turn of another Irish act who have been fast on the rise in the past 12 months, as Little Green Cars made their highly anticipated first appearance in the Marble City.

Opening were Dublin four-piece Gypsies on the Autobahn, who played a thunderous set which featured an extensive display of frontman James Smith’s high vocal range.  Despite the band’s loud sound, it certainly warmed the audience.

By the time Little Green Cars arrived on stage, the sold out nature was evident as all the best seats and views have been taken well in advance. Opening with a quiet duo of songs, the charming vocal harmonies were demonstrated in songs like ‘Goodbye Blue Monday’.  By the third song, singer Steve Appleby told the audience “If you don’t mind, we’re gonna play a bit louder now” as they kicked off into ‘Angel Owl’ followed by hit ‘Harper Lee’, where the noise level was certainly turned up a notch.

A quiet rendition of ‘Please’ was then played before the folk-rock outfit brought the show back into a powerful and fast pace with ‘Big Red Dragon’. As they flew-through the setlist, the audience in the Set Theatre treated every song like an anthem, with participation heard almost each song.

Sensing the set was coming to a close, fan favourites ‘My Love Took Me Down To The River To Silence Me’ and ‘The John Wayne’ sent the crowd into a wave of cheer and song.  Debuting a new song towards the end, Steve Appleby mentioned “This is the last song, we don’t have anymore” with a laugh as he, Dylan Lynch, Donagh Seaver O’Leary, Adam O’Regan and Faye O’Rourke made their way into the crowd for ‘The Consequences of Not Sleeping’, along with the comical story of how Appleby’s father interrupted the recording in his kitchen.

The band have been in high demand since the release of single ‘The John Wayne’ and album ‘Absolute Zero’ and it’s clear why.  Their humble nature and stage presence is warming and charming.  Their album was easily a contender for Best of 2013 and has attracted many fans to what have mostly been sold out shows this year.

No doubt we’ll hear something new from Little Green Cars before they play Dublin in July, but until then fans will just have revel in the spectacular show that they’ve seen tonight.