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Music | Introducing… The Cabin Collective

Introducing… is a new series of interviews with acts that are currently touring Ireland.  From Irish to International artists, the interviews will give a brief insight into how they formed, what their influences are and much more.

A list of bands will appear in the Introducing… section over the coming weeks.  First up, we have Keith Mullins from Country-Rock outfit The Cabin Collective

Where did the name The Cabin Collective come from?

We rehearse in a log cabin that belongs to the guitarist Larry Kelly. We’d been rehearsing and recording there for years separately and when we decided to come together as one big band we thought The Cabin Collective would be a fitting name.

How did the band come together / form ?

We had all been playing together in various guises over the years. We would always help each other out with gigs, recording, etc. We decided that it would be nice to put on a few shows together as one big band – pool our resources together and help get our music out there. 9 heads are better than 1 and all that!

What artists/musicians influence your style and songs?

Wilco, The National, Springsteen, Townes Van Zandt, Bright Eyes – I’m sure there’s loads more that I can’t think of. One of the great things about being in a band with so many other musicians is that you are constantly learning about new bands and new styles – it never gets boring!

Your first Dublin show in The Workman’s Club seemed to be a hit, that must give you a great boost?

Yeah it was great to see so many people there – especially so many strangers. A lot of the time when you put on shows you are relying on your friends / family to come out and support you but it’s very rewarding when you can look out into a packed venue and see only strangers in the crowd staring back.

Do you have a gig rider/requests? or If you had one, what would you have?

Red Bull and water usually keeps us happy !

What is your new single ‘Marrakech’ about?

It’s about a girl who goes through a break-up and finds solace in the idea of going to Marrakech to get over it.

You’re playing The Grand Social on 12 December, what can people expect at the show?

A good old-fashioned rock’n’roll show with some sexy sax solos thrown in for fun !

Where can people get their hands on your single?

You can get it on iTunes or if you prefer you can buy a physical CD of the single. There is a link to our store on our Facebook page –

What’s next for The Cabin Collective?

We want to spend January writing and recording new songs with the hope of releasing an album in 2014. We’re currently making inroads into doing some UK & US shows in Spring and we’ll happily play every festival under the sun during the summer. We’re all very much excited about 2014.