Music | Laura Whitmore to pick Deezer playlists

MTV News presenter Laura Whitmore will a guest editor for music streaming site Deezer.  As guest editor, Laura will provide an insight into her musical taste and inspirations as she compiles playlists for the site.

Laura is set to join local Deezer editor James Foley as part of the worldwide #DeezerBy takeover  to kick off the launch of HEAR THIS and EXPLORE features on the apps and website.

Many people may also recongise Bray native Laura from her involvement in  “I’m a celebrity, get me out of here” on TV at the moment.

Speaking about her week-long appearance on Deezer, Laura said:  “What’s great about Deezer and having everything in one place is that I can go back and check out something I haven’t heard in ages”.

“I was on holiday in Ibiza recently and the radio was playing loads of really random 90’s songs. I heard ‘You Oughta Know’ and immediately remembered how much I loved ‘Jagged Little Pill’, so I was immediately able to add it to my favourites and start my repeated listening of it!”

James Foley, Deezer editor said: “We figured it would be fun to mark the arrival of HEAR THIS and EXPLORE by doing something a little different. Laura has got a real passion for music and so we invited her to tell us what tunes were important to her”.

“We’ll be getting some awesome playlists together and we’re really happy to be working with Laura on ‘Deezer By’. There isn’t a music event she hasn’t faced, not a musician worth mentioning that she hasn’t waved her microphone in the face of. But, crucially, she absolutely, utterly, totally LOVES music.”

Find out more about Deezer and Laura’s work here.