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Music | Review: Laura Elizabeth Hughes EP

Dublin songstress Laura Elizabeth Hughes has gathered many fans around the world for her performances on YouTube.  Sounding like Christina Perry in songs, she has brought her own unique style to her self-titled EP which has just been released.

Laura made a name for herself before she ever stepped on stage with a cover of Lana Del Ray’s ‘Videogames’, which got over 750,000 views on YouTube alone.   Most of her previous songs were home recorded by Laura, but a Summer  campaign on Fundit gave her the opportunity to record a four track EP that has just been released.

Songs like ‘Paper Thoughts’ and ‘Recall’ are an example of the powerful, yet glacial voice Laura has.  It’s pure and delicate at the same time,   As a first EP goes, Laura seems to have the right sound that compliments her voice.  But maybe in further releases, we’ll see a little more adventure and variety which she is capable of from her YouTube covers

As she gathers more and more experience on stage over the next few months, it is evident that we might hear a more confident singer behind the mic next time.  Almost fully formed, we’ll be sure to hear more of her in the New Year.