News | Arthur Guinness Project winners announced


Guinness have announced details of the winning projects in the Arthur Guinness Projects creative and cultural initiative.  Since the launch in June this year, the projects have been flowing in to try claim one of four winning prizes in the categories of Arts, Sports, Music and Food.

The winning projects are;


  • ·         Our Nation’s Son’s is a project that encourages the empowerment of potentially marginalised young men in their community.
  • ·         The Aerial Dance Creation Centre will be a dedicated space for aerial and circus arts to develop and rehearse in a purpose rigged facility.
  • ·         Man on Bridge celebrates the legacy of Arthur Fields, a Jewish-Ukrainian photographer who took at least 182,000 portraits of passers-by on O’Connell Bridge in Dublin over a period of 50 years.
  • ·         The Lifeline Project + Soap is a concept that will sensitively regenerate the disused Midland Great Western Railway, Broadstone to Broombridge, Dublin 7, into a productive green corridor, public amenity and inter-model transport link.


  • ·         Club Colours gives all sports clubs in Ireland, regardless of size, a chance to sell bespoke merchandise online in their club colours, helping local clubs to fundraise and build much needed support.
  • ·         Accessing the Ocean, Liquid Therapy provides free individually tailored surfing programmes for young people with special needs.
  • ·         Breast Cancer Fitness Programme is an aerobic fitness programme that uses Dragon Boat Racing, a Chinese sport in origin, as a means to build strength and fitness to those recovering from breast cancer treatment.


  • ·         Popical Island is an independent music collective who rehearse, record and release music, providing opportunities for many new and up-and-coming bands and musicians.
  • ·         GoldenPlec is an online music resource that provides a creative platform for aspiring journalists, photographers and musicians and an outlet for daily music news, event information, interviews and reviews.
  • ·         Voices of Hope is a community choir for people affected by Parkinson’s Disease, led by Move4Parkinsons, an innovative idea sparked by the growing awareness globally of the positive improvements singing has on the quality of life for those effected by Parkinson’s Disease.


  • ·         Grow HQ aims to create a broader understanding of and empathy for food, its origin and how it is produced. By addressing global environmental and food problems, this grass roots initiative will teach people to grow their own food in an urban setting, helping them to appreciate it.
  • ·         The Green Kitchen will be the focal point of a new multi-functional Community Resource Facility led by the community charity, WALK that will use produce from the community garden and provide training courses in food preparation, promoting up-skilling and employment.
  • ·         Foodcloud is an innovative solution to food waste and food poverty, redistributing food, from those who have a surplus, such as supermarkets and restaurants, to those who are in need of more.
  • ·         Gaelic Escargot is Ireland’s first free-range snail farm, producing snails more sustainably than in the warmer continental climates, where they are traditionally farmed.

 Full details on the winners can be found on www.Arthur