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Music | Electro Shock Dreams – Interview with VANN MUSIC

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A lot has happened in a short space of time for New Wave Electro Pop outfit VANN MUSIC. Within months of forming, the band have supported the likes of China Crisis and Egyptian Hip Hop, not to mention playing a sold out show in The Button Factory.

VANN MUSIC started life when Aaron put out an ad to find some musicians to play some songs he was working on. When Lead Guitarist Phil Costello got in touch, himself an Aaron met up and within an hour of meeting, they had written their first song together

The story behind how VANN MUSIC formed might be seen as lucky or a destined to be on first listen. But It’s certainly not the first time a band has met through an ad. Royseven began in a similar fashion when Paul Walsh put an ad in Hotpress and from there, the band’s line up began to take shape.

Speaking to front man Aaron Smyth, he tells us about the unsual but fortuitous way in which the band formed and how plans are shaping up for their headline show in The Academy 2 at the end of June.

Where did the name VANN MUSIC come from?

When this project first started, I needed to name the folder I was saving my demos to and the only name that kept continually popping up in my head was VANN MUSIC.

After a few months of writing and working with Phil we both agreed it on VANN MUSIC. We couldn’t imagine calling it anything else, humans are funny like that.

You guys formed after seeing an ad placed by Aaron, how did you know that you wanted to form a band together?

It really got going when Phil answered my ad. We hung out alot, bonded over our love for the same bands and Boxing! We spent a lot of time jamming with friends to get the songs into shape and then booked a show or two. Rob our drummer, helped us out by filling in on drums for one gig. He clicked instantly with us, loved the same bands and was great too!! I knew Ross our Bassist from a production class he teaches. He was my teacher too which was funny. I kept running into him at shows and things, so I invited him down to a VANN MUSIC session and it all just came together.

What artists/musicians influence your style and songs?

LCD Soundsystem, David Bowie, Talking Heads, a lot of French House Music,Fred Falke, Alan Braxe, DJ Falcon, Lifelike

Thats the bar for us in terms of songs, production, aesthetic. We’re big boxing fans too, we kinda treat our shows like a bout, from the point of keeping our contraption moving with audience. The audience can knock you out if you’re not on your game!!

Selling out shows in venues like The Button Factory and Whelans must give you a great boost?

It was a great buzz to come out to packed houses on both of those nights. As the shows went on, it also made us very conscious that people were enjoying themselves, which gave us great confidence and in turn made us raise our game.

It’s what pushes us on from show to show.

You’ve supported acts like Egyptian Hip Hop and China Crisis, what were those show’s like?

Those shows were great, Full houses on both nights too. We learned alot from those gigs, especially the China Crisis show in terms of how to pace a long set. They brought the crowd up and down like gentle waves, they also had a crisis of their own that night as their bass payer didn’t make the show and they had to get a last minute session guy in who literally learned the set in an hour. They didn’t even break a sweat, it was quite cool to watch!

What is your new single ‘Life In Real Time’ about?

Life in Real Time is about how a person can get trapped inside there own head sometimes, and how those feelings can overwhelm and detach you from the real world. The world just moves by and you find yourself looking out at it not feeling connected, like its moving at a completely different pace.

Having just announced a show at The Academy 2 in June to support your new single ‘Life in Real Time’ and EP ‘Electro Shock Dreams’, what can people expect at the show?

We will be playing some new material on the night that were really excited about and we’ve been working on getting two knockout covers for the night too!

Where can people get their hands on your single?

Its up on Pre-release on iTunes at the moment and will go live for sale on the 28th June.

What’s next for VANN MUSIC this summer?

Our schedule is pretty hectic this summer with festivals and shows around the Country. We are also gonna shoot some videos for the songs off the EP as well, but demoing some stuff we’ve been working on too.

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Pre-order VANN MUSIC’s EP ‘Electro Shock Dreams’ on iTunes
Tickets for their Academy 2 show on June 28th are available on Ticketmaster from €10
“Life in Realtime” & “Never Want to be Alone” featured as soundtracks to O2’s The Making of Bring On The Green

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