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Music | Catch Them If You Can – Interview with Walking On Cars


It has been a sensational year for Dingle based band Walking On Cars, from winning the Red Bull Bedroom Jam to playing The Late Late Show, the past year has been proven to be very fruitful for the five piece.

Speaking briefly with Sorcha Durham from the band, Sorcha gives an insight to what it has been like for the band from the beginning to the present day.

A year is a long time for a band, whether it’s writing new material or touring, the process is continuous. Has it been like that for you guys?

A lot has happened for us as a band in the last year. We kept our heads down rehearsing, gigging and finishing off the debut EP.

Walking On Cars started out playing together in a house in Dingle didn’t you?

A couple of years ago we were idle in Dingle, so we just started writing songs together. Next thing we knew we were playing gigs in McCartheys, our local music venue, not really knowing what we were doing.

That must have been an interesting way to start out?

Every band has to start from somewhere don’t they? We were lucky to have a loyal following in Dingle who put up with our teething problems at the start and have been behind us since. It’s great to have that kind of support.

Where did the name Walking On Cars come from?

The name just happened really, it was probably one of Evan’s brain storming sessions.

You are all based in Dingle, Co.Kerry aren’t you? What is it is like to live in such an inspiring landscape where bands like The Coronas and Snow Patrol have written albums before?

Living in Dingle has its pros and cons. Creatively you couldn’t be anywhere better. Artists and musicians have flocked here for years because the Dingle Peninsula is such an incredible place. Its isolation is endearing but practically as a band, gigging all over the country and traveling is very expensive and time consuming. But we’re still here so it must be worth it.

Who and what are the band’s main influences?

Our influences vary. I grew up with two uilleann piper parents, but as a teenager I went down the classical piano route. I love Arcade Fire and Einaudi. Patrick loves his pop, Dan and Evan like their rock and Paul likes a bit of everything. So I think we have a good blend of flavours.

Playing Other Voices must have been pretty special for you guys? Since it is based in your hometown.

Dingle is the home of Other Voices, so we have seen some amazing artists come through here annually for the past decade. Artists like Amy Winehouse, Lisa Hannigan, Temper Trap, Local Natives and the list goes on. Naturally we were over the moon to appear on the IMRO Other Room this year. Having been a spectator for so long it was an accomplishment to be a part of it this time around.

You have also appeared on The Late Late Show, what was that like?

Appearing on The Late Late Show was a great opportunity for us to to get our names out there.

What is your current single ‘Catch Me If You Can’ about?

I think Catch Me If You Can is about the reluctancy to fully commit to someone, and always keeping them at arms length. Patrick might think completely differently about it though, but songs can be subjective.

Your launching your EP ‘As We Fly South’ in Whelans on 20th June, what can those attending expect to witness at the show?

It’s our first headline gig in Whelans or even Dublin for that matter, so we are very excited about it. We have a few surprises in store so expect to see our best live show to date.

What lies ahead for Walking On Cars this summer?

This summer is going to be very busy, we’ll be playing Sea Sessions, Castlepalooza, Indiependence and loads more dates which you can find on our Facebook. You never know where we might end up.

– – –

Walking On Cars launch their debut EP ‘As We Fly South’ in Whelans on 20th June. Tickets are €10 here.

Visit for more on the band’s upcoming tour dates.

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