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Music | Silhouette – Can’t Keep Up EP Review


It has been quite the year for Northern Irish pop band Silhouette, the group of musicians formed and fronted by multi-instrumentalist Shauna Tohill. Following the success of début single Can’t Keep Up featuring on the Discover Northern Ireland ads to supporting acts like One Republic, it is little surprise that Silhouette have began to gather momentum.

Hailing from Londonderry-Derry, the group have just released their first single which fans have been eagerly awaiting. There is a mix of old and new versions of Can’t Keep Up, along with stunning tracks like Toss It Up, Put The Silence On Hold and Running Against The Wall to complete a great short player.

First up on the record is the newish version of popular track Can’t Keep Up. The new version compared to the older one, which you may recognise from the Discover NI television advert, is more measured in it’s timing. A slower version which offers listeners a fresh take on a wonderful song.

Track number two is an absolute gem in Toss It Up, with its acoustic and catchy intro. The rhythm is sublime and the chorus, very much like the intro, holds its catchiness. There is very little to dislike about this song, let alone the EP so far.

Put The Silence On Hold is a slow song, but a sweet and welcome one. The strings in this song are beautiful and placed neatly with the piano and acoustic guitar in the verses. The drums give the chorus that bit more power as Tohill’s vocals grow louder.

Second last track on this short player is Running Against The Wall, which is certainly one to the get the adrenaline pumping. A track that would be well placed in a mix for the gym as the power can be felt from start to finish in this song.

Finally, last but not least is the song your sure to be familiar with, Can’t Keep Up. Tohill’s voice is powerful and energetic, as is the song. This song is the stand out one on this EP. Despite the new version’s attempt to offer something different to the original, but the original still wins when the two are compared. It’s probably down to that raw and powerful set of vocals making you set the song to repeat, because it is just that good.

Given that this EP is only the beginning for Silhouette on label Rubyworks, the future is bright and promising for further releases. It is a brilliant effort by the band and we’re sure to hear a lot more about Shauna and Co. in the coming year.



Best Track:

Can’t Keep Up

Can’t Keep Up is out now on Rubyworks. Download it here.

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