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Music | Album Review: The Spikes – Joylist


Following the success of their debut album “Urges and Purges”, Dublin band The Spikes are back with their new long player “Joylist”. Their second album is a nice mix of soulful, groove rock that has plenty of rhythm.

The Spikes have been busy for the best part of 2012 working with Keith Lawless (Juliet Turner, Juno Falls and RTE’s Concert Orchestra) on their second album.

The album opens with Million $ Circus, a soul song with enough grooves in it to shake your rattle at. It’s powerful and promising for what may be in store on the rest of the record. Second track Move To Mars is different though, we get an intense set of guitar strums, mixed with Bowie like space lyrics before launching into the ELO like chorus. It might take a few listens for this track to grow on you.

Third track on “Joylist” Landing Gates Of Love is a gritty, bass driven track, offering something different as the intensity drops a bit.

You Get (Home) is powerful, Led Zep style rock at its best. Terrible Error totally drops the rollercoaster rock that we experience on the previous tracks. It is a welcome change in tempo, with its soothing sound.

Bed Down (Where You Go) has beautiful guitar pickings, sounding like Paulo Nutini’s ‘Growing Up Beside You’. It continues the slow theme. This track might have been better placed earlier in the album, but the song is still wonderful.

Girl With Many Faces is a pretty tame track, despite its riffs. However, Angel is a calm and upbeat track that does stand out.

Track nine, Specialist reverts back to the gritty guitar and bass driven sound The Spikes created with the album’s third track Landing Gates Of Love.

She’ll Be Screaming is one of the albums best tracks , the catchy lyrics in the chorus “And if your dying, she’ll be screaming out your name” will have you singing or humming the tune for sure. The melody in this song is beautiful.

The second last song on the album Beasts Are Coming is as dark as the title of the song suggests, adding a break between the previous track She’ll Be Screaming and the final track The World Is Yours. It is a fitting sleepy and slow finish to the album, with its final burst of energy towards the end of the song.

Best Track: Bed Down (Where You Go)

Rating: 3/6


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