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Listen | Strange Boy sign to new label and return with new track ‘How Come That Blood’

Strange Boy - Photo Credit: Özge Cöne

London based experimental pop duo Strange Boy, return with ‘How Come That Blood’.

The track depicts a dutiful journey through a landscape of edginess and relief. As it encapsulates a cinematic resplendence that carries on continuously.

‘How Come That Blood’ has string parts arranged by Bedroom Community’s Nico Muhly and performed by the London Contemporary Orchestra.

“I’m interested in telling two stories at once, and using an old tale to explain a new one. How Come That Blood is an old folk song but I’ve rewritten the tune to make it a dialogue between a police officer and a juvenile covert human intelligence source – basically a child spy”

Kieran Brunt, Strange Boy.

Following on from the bands 2 EPs, 2017s “Annunciation” and 2018’s “Suburbia” the pair have kept Strange Boy going while pursuing different outlets – namely Brunt’s direction of the vocal group Shards and Huxley’s work in film – pulling their project back into focus once more.

‘How Come That Blood’ is out now on Grönland Records.