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Listen | Speelburg returns with ‘World is Falling Apart (this version)’


This new single by Brighton based, Belgian-American artist Speelburg new single, is an obscure and buoyant anthem in the form of ‘World Is Falling Apart (this version)’.

It is the first track to be lifted from his upcoming debut album ‘Porsche’, set for release on 18 September this year.

Written for “another very famous pop artist” – in the artist’s own words – ‘World Is Falling Apart (This Version)’, almost made it into the unnamed pop artists’ album, but was “deemed a little too dark for that record, so I kept it for mine”.

For fans of stimulating funk-influenced pop hits and irresistible hooks, Speelburg’s music is astutely made for you.

‘World Is Falling Apart (this version)’ is available to stream now.