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Albums of the Month- Les Disques du Mois


Day Wave - "Days We Had"

Day Wave has long been on the radar and quite possibly one of the favourites on rotation at the moment. Most of the songs on ‘Days We Had’ are quite pop-centered in their structure, but there is that indie guitar sound that you might get with The Strokes or Phoenix.sound is very pop at its core, so I think it could appeal to a lot of people, Phillips says.

Principle Valiente - "Oceans"

Principe Valiente struck me as a bit of U2 in their late 80s/early 90s sound. From the chorus guitar to strong reverb on vocals, their album “Oceans” was a clean cut piece of work and quite enjoyable to listen to when commuting. A sonically steady long player from the four-piece.


Pumarosa - "The Witch" // Fiction/Caroline

Pumarosa will explode over the next few months…or at least that is the prediction. Their debut LP, “The Witch” is magnificent, as frontwoman Isabel channels raw energy on ‘Dragonfly’ and ‘Honey’. The album may be dark in tone, but it dances with that to create an atmosphere to bask in.


Morrissey & Marshall - "We Rise // DJA Records“We Rise” is the second effort from Irish duo, Morrissey & Marshall, which upon first listen had not entirely convinced until ‘Stand Down’ arrived in the middle of the record and blew the cobwebs off an act that were quite comfortable where they sat at the beginning. From here, the album gets better, much better that pop sensibilities shine through and even some harmonies.

James Vincent McMorrow - "True Care"

Since the release of “We Move” in September last year, James Vincent McMorrow – or JVM as many refer to – has seen a rise in his stock while showcasing his talent as a songwriter. The months that followed has seen him busier than ever, yet within three months he was back recording a new long player, “True Care'”, an album that almost seems like a best of thus far but without repetition. Strong, dark, occasionally brooding of life’s mysteries. This is a fascinating listen and the annotations are worth a look too.

The Amazons - "The Amazons"
The Amazons – “The Amazons”

The Amazons have brought a fresh lease of life to the term “British Rock Act” and have enjoyed considerable success with singles like ‘In My Mind’ and ‘Little Something’. Their sound is a comfortable journey through distorted vocals and guitars. They have a gritty but not intrusive level of noise across all the songs on their self-titled debut. Worth a listen live if things are to be believed, this album would suggest so.

The Search - "Songs for Lovers"
The Search – “Songs for Lovers”

The Search have quite the discography behind them. The latest of which would seem to be a close, if not ode, to The Smiths. Originally formed under the name “The Silverslut” in 1999, they changed it to The Search five years later. Healthy dose of romantic indie-pop lies here among the elements of Manchester rock and Bloc Party style guitars.

The Charlatans - "Different Days"The Charlatans returned the same, but on  “Different Days” it is hard to believe that it is also the thirteenth release. Recorded at their own studio, it features collaborations from Paul Weller and Johnny Marr, plus appearances from crime writer Ian Rankin on ‘Future Tense’ and writer/actress Sharon Horgan on ‘Different Days’. The album grows throughout, getting better with each track and being melodically diverse.

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