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Technology | 4K camera among the list of Sony’s new line up at CES.

Sony has taken a step further to bringing a range of 4K compatible devices to the market at the CES 2014, as new TV’s, 4K media player, download service and consumer 4K camcorders were announced.


X9000B-4K Wedge TVSony’s line of 4K Ultra HD BRAVIA televisions is growing, with the  unveiling of flagship 85-inch X95.  Joining the 4K Ultra HD BRAVIA range is the X9series, with a built-in woofer, tweeter and sub-woofer designed for richer, enveloping sound.  Together with Sony’s new 4K BRAVIA X85 series models, all 2014 4K BRAVIA TVs come with Sony’s own 4K 60P HEVC hardware decoder built-in to make playing new forms of 4K content easier.


a5000 camera2013 saw Sony showcase some interesting compact body cameras with the QX series of lens-style cameras to the full-frame-in-a-compact body α 7/α 7R interchangeable lens cameras and the fixed lens RX10 camera.  Also at CES was  Sony’s small and light α5000 APS-C interchangeable lens camera. The mirror-less model is designed to combine high image quality with both Wi-Fi and NFC capabilities, which would be aimed at enthusiasts looking for a small camera as well as point-and-shoot photographers looking to step up.

Sony’s PlayMemories Camera Apps family is set to further enhance the consumer photo experience with a growing range of free and paid apps, to offer new creative effects and utilities.

Camcorder wise, Sony’s FDR-AX1E 4K Handycam camcorder is now joined by the FDR-AX100E which is said to be approx. 75% smaller and 66% lighter model for comfortable one-handed shooting. Other features include a large diameter ZEISS lens,Wi-Fi and NFC let users quickly and easily connect to other devices such as smart phones and tablets. The camcorder can also down-convert 4K content.

freeze_proof-AS100V_1200 action camSony’s new Action Cam (model HDR-AS100VR) has a new lens and image sensor for significantly improved image quality.  The newest model is splash-proof with no need for a separate housing. A new feature lets users control up to five HDR-AS100V models with the Live-View Remote and record simultaneously with them.  The remote control function also works with other Sony digital imaging products such as the α, QX, Handycam and Cyber-shot lines.

Changing it up

Sony’s prototypes were also display with the  HMZ-T3W and Tennis Sensor.  The HMZ-T3W head-mount display senses the wearer’s head movement and changes the view from left to right or up and down. With HeadTracker, consumers can view the footage captured on ActionCam, seeing different angles of the video with a simple turn of the head.

The other new Sony prototype on display at CES was Tennis Sensor. This sensor attaches to a tennis racket and can “analyse and record the user’s tennis shot and information including swing speed, ball spin and speed for later review on a smartphone.”


Audio is one of Sony’s longest running range and this tradition of quality products continued with the new ZX1 Walkman, SRS-X9 wireless speaker system, High-Res capable PC audio and home speakers / home cinema systems.

Sony Mobile

CES will feature an array of Sony mobile innovations that build on the success of its flagship Xperia Z smartphone. The Xperia Z1 will now be available in the United States, in association with Sony’s partner T-Mobile. A new arrival on the Sony Mobile front is the Xperia Z1s, which features Sony’s camera technologies found in the Xperia Z1.  It is also the first smartphone to come with the new PlayStation App pre-loaded for remote and second-screen PS4 gaming experiences.  A smaller size option will also be available, as Sony’s new Xperia Z1 Compact model brings all the features and technology of the Z1 into a convenient palm size and will be available in four different colours.

Switching to the Xperia platform will also be easier with Xperia Transfer Mobile.  A quick and easy solution for phone-to-phone transfer of contacts, music, photos, apps and more from other Android and iOS

With a range of new prototypes and new 4K range, Sony seemed intent on making a serious statement at CES this year.